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                           Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

                           Pressure Washing Services

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Our chemical soft wash roof cleaning process is specifically recommend by shingle manufacturers.  We apply the solution to your roof and let mother nature take over from there.  There is no use of any pressure during our cleaning process.  By leaving the solution on the roof, you end up with a cleaner roof then just rinsing off the cleaning solution after applying.  After each rain your roof will look cleaner. You will be able to get two to three good cleanings with one application.  This will leave your roof looking new again for many years to come. Clear-Vue offers a one year unconditional warranty on all roofs we clean.  If within the one year period the black streaks re-occur, we will come re-apply our solution no questions asked.

Please read the following document, which should give you a better understanding of our soft wash cleaning process. Also should answer many of the questions you may have. What you should know about cleaning your roof.

Pressure Washing Services

Clear-Vue offers a wide variety of pressure washing services.  We have solutions to clean any type of surface. We use both low pressure and high pressure processes.  Our house washing process will not damage seals on doors or windows.  Doors and windows are sprayed with chemicals using a light mist and then are rinsed using a special low pressure tip.

House Pressure Washing

We apply our house cleaning solution at a very low pressure, allow it work for a few minutes. We then rinse the house off at a very low pressure, which is basically just a mist coming from the wand. The pressure low enough to put your hand in front of the nozzle.  We also have a variety of chemicals to remove rust and other stains safely from your house.

Surface Cleaning

This is the only application were high pressure is used in the cleaning process. Depending on the severity of the surface, we have a wide variety of chemicals that can make your driveway look new again.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

We use only a soft wash roof cleaning system. Our method will not remove the protective layer from the shingle surface. Our soft wash roof cleaning service is specifically recommended by all shingle manufacturers.

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters can lead to gutter failure and potential roof leaks.  We can also remove black streaks from gutters, this is not mold forming on your gutters.  This is actually oxidation that gradually starts to appear over time.  This service requires special cleaners and a lot of elbow grease.

Window Cleaning Services

Professional Techniques: 

Our professional window cleaning process leaves your dirty windows looking new again.  We use a 5-Step process on every window with no use of harmful chemicals during the window cleaning process. 

Clear-Vue's Window Cleaning Process: 
1. Screen Cleaning
2. Track Cleaning
3. Sill Cleaning
4. Hard Water Stain Removal
5. Glass Scraping